Smart Capsule - OMOM HD

The OMOM HD endoscopic video-capsule is a micro-camera allowing the exploration of the intestine, helped by Artificial Intelligence.


Asept InMed and its partner Jinshan offer you a system of endoscopic exploration by intelligent capsule. Integrated withArtificial Intelligence and a new optical technology, this latest OMOM HD capsule endoscopy system capsule endoscopy system aims to help healthcare professionals with easy interpretation of small bowel exploration.

A total of 5,825 small bowel capsule endoscopy exams were collected from 51 medical centers to train and validate the SmartScan* (*Artificial Intelligence feature of SmartView software).


512*512 Pixel

>300% resolution


2-10 FPS

Increased sampling rate

Viewing angle

172 degrees

Wide viewing angle

Increased tissue coverage



12 hours

Duration of operation of the capsule

Smart reading: the Smart View function

The Smart View function allows to and frames the detected lesions (see study in brochure). (see study in brochure).

With an upgraded patient management center and reading screen, this new software provides healthcare professionals with a user-friendly interface and easy reading experience.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Using our proprietary algorithms, SmartScan processes raw files by removing up to 90% of redundancy (see brochure study), identifying and marking up to 16 types of anomalies.

Then Smartscanning, SmartView and SmartFinding are ready to use.



SmartScan processes raw files by removing up to 90% of redundancy, identifying and marking up to 16 types of anomalies.


The SmartView playback mode only plays the images captured by Smartscan, helping users quickly navigate through the entire video.


By capturing the most important features of selected images with predictive results, SmartFinding assists physicians by displaying anomalies and suggesting descriptions.

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Comes with our Smart Capsule

Small bowel diagnostic capsule

Recording unit

SmartView intelligent software

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