Smart Capsule - OMOM CC

The OMOM CC endoscopic video-capsule is a micro-camera allowing exploration of the colon.


The OMOM CC endoscopic video-capsule is a micro-camera for colon exploration.

OMOM CC consists of a colon capsule and a recording unit. With optimal image quality, longer battery life and powerful software, OMOM CC aims to facilitate diagnosis by colonoscopy.



360*360 Pixel

>300% resolution


4-35 Hz

Increased sampling rate

Viewing angle

344 degrees

Wide viewing angle

Increased tissue coverage



12 hours

Duration of operation of the capsule

Technical presentation

Easy to see

The resolution of OMOM CC is 360*360. The optimal image quality facilitates clinical evaluation and a more accurate diagnosis.

A sustainable vision

OMOM CC's battery life is extended to 12 hours, which will improve the completion rate of endoscopic colon capsule examination.

Improved vision

Equipped with two cameras, a wide viewing angle and a high adaptive frame rate, OMOM CC can help clinicians see more.

Comes with our Smart Capsule

Colon diagnostic capsule

Recording unit

SmartView intelligent software

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