Asept InMed, manufacturer and distributor of medical devices

The history of Asept InMed


Creation of Asept


Acquisition by the Medi-Globe group


Team specialization by area of expertise


SAS with more than 50 employees


Expansion of Toulouse infrastructure: +4000m2


Integration of a new specialty: endo-urology


Specialization of sales teams by area of expertise


Deployment of a second warehouse north of Toulouse


Acquisition by DCC Vital


Company with more than 100 employees

our specialties

4 hospital divisions

Asept InMed offers you all its skills and years of experience in the distribution of medical devices for caregivers and patients.

These products are grouped into 4 specialties: gastroenterology, pneumology, urology & perfusion.

To support these specialities, we have 4 hospital divisions with 40 staff.

mastering distribution

Logistics as a core business

For many years, Asept InMed has been investing in logistics solutions adapted to its core business for an ever more efficient service to the healthcare sector. Our partners/subcontractors in transport working in a similar state of mind to ours are among our privileged partners.

  • Orders shipped within 24/48h
  • Service rate
  • Backlog rate
regulatory standards

Quality ISO 13485

Regulations impose stringent requirements at every stage of a product's life cycle, including service and delivery. ISO 13485, an internationally recognised standard, sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical device sector.

Asept InMed demonstrates the effectiveness of its management and quality processes and implements best practices in all its activities.

SUBSIDIARY OF MEDI-GLOBE technologies and dcc plc

Medi-Globe Technologies

Medi-Globe Technologies is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of medical devices for gastroenterology, urology and pulmonology.

Medi-Globe Technologies Group enables healthcare professionals to treat patients with high-quality medical technology for minimally invasive therapies. We provide products and systems that continually improve both efficacy and high-quality results. Our ethics commit us to the highest level of environmentally, socially and economically responsible business practices.

Asept InMed's direct parent company is DS Rose Acquisition II GmbH, a German company and subsidiary of the Medi-Globe Technologies Group.

The Medi-Globe Technologies Group is part of the DCC Healthcare division of the DCC plc Group.

approved by our partners

Exclusive distributors in France

Our commitments can only be sustainable if we involve our stakeholders, starting with our suppliers, whom we refer to as partners. The mutual trust between Asept InMed and its partners allows us to develop solutions together in line with our ethics and innovation. Providing responsible solutions for patients is our core mission.