A colourful 2018 year at your side!

The New Year is just around the corner and the Asept InMed and Asept InMed Shop teams take this opportunity to send you their best wishes! The opportunity to look back on a year 2018 that is full of colour and innovation.


This year, we undertook to

  • The creation of the e-commerce site Asept InMed Shop ! In 2018, Asept InMed became the exclusive French partner of the Canadian company Pacey Medtech. From this partnership was born a new product in our range of products for urology: Pacey Cuff. The Pacey Cuff is a new generation penile clamp, designed especially for patients recovering from heavy surgery. This product is therefore intended for individuals, after advice from a urologist or practitioner, and can be ordered directly from home. We have therefore decided to open an e-commerce site offering this device for sale. In a few weeks, we will welcome a similar product for women!

  • The redesign of our institutional website Asept InMed! Our catalogue is now more complete, ergonomic and accessible. You will find all the information about our products. From the home page, all our upcoming conference news is available, including dates of attendance, location and stand number. Our news page has been redesigned to provide you with as much information as possible about the world of health and the events affecting Asept InMed.

  • The creation of 1042 products, available for free access on our institutional website. For more information on these products, simply access our Professional Access from the home page of our website.


We have made a point of honour of corporate culture

  • 7 product experts work daily to grow and improve our product ranges.

  • Asept InMed travels through the health establishments of France through its 26 hospital delegates, divided into 5 specialities: urology, endoscopy, perfusion, enteral nutrition and medical devices / equipment.

  • Our product specialists were present at 27 congresses to answer your questions and present you Asept InMed's offers.


CHU 2018