Let's meet #AIMTEAM, the special collaborators web-series !

Asept InMed is a dynamic company that has been evolving for more than 20 years in line with the healthcare market. Our recruitment policy is based in particular on the search for a state of mind in line with our values: a sense of service, autonomy, positivism and respect for others.

But who is behind our teams ?

Today Asept InMed has 85 employees, including 23 new jobs created over the last three years divided into five business areas.

So between embarrassment and laughter, 12 of our employees with dissimilar personalities gave themselves up on their careers. What is the core of their activity? What led them to Asept InMed? What are their best memories?

From the first arrival at Asept InMed to the latest recruitment, from our Administrative & Financial Director to our Junior Product Manager on an alternating basis, discover each of their inspiring careers and outstanding adventures.

From May 28th, our web-series #AIMTEAM will be available on our Youtube and Linkedin pages